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Hershey is a nurse, and a damn fucking fine one. She has a curvey ass and some big titties. While working she likes to fuck some patients from time to time - just to pass the time.

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This week at 40oz bounce we got the beautiful Lacey Duvalle and her amazingly fine ass! She grabs a hard black cock and wraps her curvy luscious ass around it, fucking it hard and making it too irresistible not to splatter the cum all over her brown round booty!!

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There’s nothing hotter than watching two hot bitches that play nice together. Of course by playing that means their hot naked and rounded ebony bodies will rub against each other, putting some fine friction between them that can only lead to pure erotic. Kandee and Trish are like sexual sis, not only can they foresee each other’s movement and will bring in a sexy gesture of their own to match. Watching the sexy Black booty on these beauties rub so close agianst each other, causing that juicy jiggle and more than alluring reaction will be a site to behold. With the strip of thong sliding up between those massive asscheeks your mind will go wild with all of the dirty desires you would enjoy living out with either one, or both of these hot ebony beauties. It was a wet dream come true for one guy that experienced the 40 Oz. Bounce from these black chicks. As they shared one another he slipped in for some naughty threesome action. Giving the steaming look of interracial sex at its finest, these girls take his long, thick and more than willing to fuck pecker into all holes of their brown bodies, sharing the hard shaft and the enjoyment that his cock brings to the threesome. Their eager mouths gobble, nibble and chew on his pulsating dick, bringing that load to gather together and call for a sudden release. The only thing that could possibly make these chicas even hotter is the attraction of seeing his warm semen dripping from their lips as he ejaculates his manjuice onto them.

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Sky is a true diamond in the big black ass department, this girl is round, brown, big and ready to take what any of your sexual fantasies decide to go for. With her breasts nearly matching the size of her booty, they bounce free from her top to let you behold the wonders of her femininity. She’ll display the dark side of herself in a passion filled horny way, mostly because this beauty can’t control her deepest desires, they take her over and then she in turn will take you over, giving you some of the best action you’ve ever experienced. With a wild look in her hungry eyes and the quiver of her belly button trinket you are going to know this woman is out for cock. Bending over you get the full eclipse of her 40 Oz Bounce, wide moons of packed pleasure that are tight and yet hold just the right. With her pierced clitoris totally exposed she’ll lower her sweet ass half down onto a thick and hard black dick, taking inch after inch of his pleasure bat, making it shine with the juices of her sweet chocolate pussy. Riding it until they are both nearly to the point of explosion she can’t help but to roll her hot body over, hoist her heavy butt high into the air and wait for that anal penetration that will fill her rectum with satisfaction and a messy load of manjuice.

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You couldn’t close your eyes and imagine an ass any hotter than the one Stacy is packing around behind her. The deep, rich, chocolate color of her skin makes it even more tempting for the taste buds as she keeps a sexy thong sliding up between her thick cheeks and thigh high fish net stockings frame the flesh as well. Knowing that her sexy Black booty is the center of attention, she does a good job of posing with her moons hoisted high into the sky, with liquids being poured over her rippled skin, giving the wet glow that oozes with extreme sexiness.Giving that beloved 40 oz. bounce she jiggles and wiggles her booty until a black dude nearly falls at her feet wanting to service her style and seduction. She rubs her fleshy butt in his face, driving the inches to grow from his groin area that she can’t wait to get her big lips wrapped around his cock. She sucks the dick like a pro, her saliva coating the dick. Arched upwards with the erection his cock has grown towards her face, eager to feel more of the heat his hard-on while her delicious ass calls more and more of his attention to her fine back. There’s no denying the desire that her rounded ass brings to the bedroom, as he thinks about grabbing those pillows for leverage while driving his prick deep inside of her throbbing cunt.

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